New Texoma state rep discusses goals after orientation in Austin

AUSTIN, Tex. (KXII) - Reggie Smith was sworn in two weeks ago as the new representative for District 62 serving Grayson, Fannin and Delta counties in the Texas house.

After his orientation, he said he is fired up about lowering property taxes and helping people in his counties afford homes.

"It was a very productive week, not only from picking the district's office and my desk on the floor, but to the practical side of life like parking," he said.

Smith and 27 other new state representatives, the "freshman class," had orientation in Austin last week.

"Primary issues are school finance reform, property tax reform, transportion issues," he said. "All things germane to this district."

Smith has a special opportunity to be the "most experienced" new rep.

Since former District 62 Representative Larry Phillips left his 15-year post to run for district judge and won the seat, Smith was sworn in early to finish Phillip's term until his official swearing in next month.

So he has seniority over other new representatives.

"On Jan. 8 I'll be sworn in for full two years,' Smith said.

Smith said his focus for the next two years will be specifically on lowering property tax and improving transportation issues on highways like US 75 and State Highway 121.

"Very important for all three counties," he said. "I will fight for those matters."

He said he is ready for the challenge.

"I want people to know I have big shoes to fill," Smith said. "Larry Philips was hands-on, caring and effective for 15 years. His will be difficult to fill. We intend to hit the ground running in January."

Smith says the GOP caucus met Saturday to pick who they would like to see as the new speaker of the Texas house.

The House will vote on the new speaker nominee when the session begins Jan. 8.

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