New Texoma group helps homeless community

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A new Texoma group is making it their mission to help the homeless.

Christopher Creed and Kimberly Thomas decided to start 903 Mindful to help homeless people in Texoma.

"I was homeless at one point in my life for a few years, and I understand the struggle and how hard it is to get out of it, so we figured we'd do what we can to try to help them," Creed said.

They said it's a cause that hits close to home for both of them.

"We've both struggled, we've both needed at one time," Thomas said.

The group had their first event last month.

They went to a camp and delivered food, clothes, and hygiene products to people in need.

"I feel like helping them out and donating out here is going to keep them from doing things illegal to try to come up on the stuff, going out stealing for food, going out stealing for shelter," Creed said.

Creed and Thomas said their ultimate goal is to start a shelter.

But for now, they plan to go out and serve people monthly.

They run solely on their own money and donations.

"At the time we take pretty much anything; used, new, we ask if you bring dry foods or anything like that to have them unopened," Creed said.

Thomas said every little bit makes a difference.

"Clothing, tarps, blankets, food, anything that pertains to them living in the situation that they're in, to help," Thomas said.

903 Mindful's next event is January 19th.

They still need volunteers and donations to make it possible.

For more information, check out their Facebook page (

Anyone interested in donating or volunteering can contact Creed at (469)-474-3498 or Thomas at (903)-337-6375.