New box for unwanted pills outside Fannin Co. Sheriff's Office

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FANNIN COUNTY, Texas (KXII) -- Lots of local agencies took part in Saturday's National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, and now the Fannin County Sheriff's Office has a box outside for unwanted pills all the time.

Sheriff Mark Johnson said residents can take their old prescription pills and get rid of them safely in a box located right next to the doors.

"Everyone's always wondering what to do with it, what do we do with all that," said Johnson. "Lot of people try to flush it down the toilet, we don't need that stuff in our public water system and a lot of that water goes back in there."

We're told the box is made out of steel and mounted with concrete, a permanent fixture available for people to drop off any time.

Johnson said prescription drugs and syringes can be put in the box, but asks that people turn in illegal drugs to the office.

He wants to remind anyone with bad intentions, it'll be monitored on camera 24 hours a day.

They're also working on designating parking spaces, also in front of the office's cameras, for people to safely exchange online purchases with strangers.

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