New businesses coming to Van Alstyne

Published: Jan. 11, 2018 at 7:16 AM CST
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Business is booming in Van Alstyne with a total of eight new businesses in the past six months coming into town.

New businesses that will help attract customers.

"Obviously wants sale tax dollars, but we're trying to bring in businesses that are good for the community," Van Alstyne Community Development Director Rodney Williams said. "That are going to inspire people to come downtown, spend some time here, take a look at Van Alstyne, and hopefully stick around for awhile."

Last Friday, the Van Alstyne Community Development Corporation announced four new businesses coming in.

Those include two new restaurants and two new stores.

Rebecca Keil, who is preparing to open her new business The Duchess Inn in March, moved to Van Alstyne two years ago to start her own quilt rental house.

"This house came for sale and it was 1884 when it was originally built and it really caught our eye," Keil said. "All the wood work and the history of it and so we really kind of fell in love with it and decided to go ahead and purchase it."

Another new business, Jafar's Mediterranean Grill, opened back in October and faced the challenge of being the only Mediterranean restaurant in Grayson County.

"I mean it's been a challenge being a new business in town and trying to fit in and develop some regulars and all that, but we've overcome the whole challenge," Jafar Abdallah, owner of Jafar's Mediterranean, said.

For both new business owners, the support of the community has made the experience worth it.

"Its taken us a little bit longer, but it's been fun and we've really enjoyed meeting the people and talking about the history and being in this little town," Keil said.

"Great support we receive from the chamber of commerce here and the people of Van Alstyne," Abdallah said. "I mean it's just been great."

And it's a good feeling for community leaders to receive positive feedback from residents.

"People have been, when I post on our Facebook page about new businesses coming in, those are our most widely read and widely participated messages," Williams said. "So it's pretty good. It's a good feeling."

Williams said most of the new businesses should open up within the next few months and there are more businesses expected to come in the future.