New phone scam targets military supporters

Published: Apr. 27, 2018 at 7:17 PM CDT
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"It's just like any of the rest of the scams that we've got. It's someone who's trying to trick somebody out of their money," said Lt. John Berry of the Paris Police Department.

Paris police are warning of a creative scam aimed at those who support our military.

"They are looking for a patriotic supporter of the military to help them out with funds to get home," said Berry.

Veteran George Wood says this is an ultimate low.

"It does irritate me that somebody is taking advantage of veterans," said Wood, Chairman of the Red River Valley Veterans Memorial.

Police say it's one more reason people should be skeptical of stories like this.

"Everything in this kind of instance needs to be vetted," said Berry.

While this scam is bold, police say it's not uncommon.

"In this day and age, unfortunately, most of the time the stuff is a scam," said Berry.

Scammers will choose the people they have the greatest chance of fooling, claiming anything from IRS fraud to grand prize winnings, to grandchildren wounded in an accident, needing your help.

"It is odd and bad for people to try to take advantage of people, especially the elderly, people that their mind is not where it should be anyhow and they've got a little bit of money. I've also received phone calls saying, 'hey, you've won some money," said Wood.

Police say all these scams end the same way - the caller needs your personal info and money, two things you should never give out.

"Don't fall into this, because basically what you're going to do is you're going to lose your money," said Berry.

It's a crime without compassion, now targeting those that love their country.

"Again, it's all about the scammers making money. They don't care who they scam it from, it could be their mother, they'd probably do it," said Wood.