New traffic signs go up on Highway 70 in Kingston

KINGSTON, Okla. (KXII) - Blinking signs warning drivers of an intersection up ahead now stand on the East and West side of the Texoma casino on Highway 70 - and while residents and the city say it's a good first start in making this highway safer, it's just not enough.

"When you come out of that casino at a snails pace, you better put the pedal to the metal because you don't know what's coming over that hill," Mayor Charlotte Matchen. "At 65 miles an hour, you don't stand a chance."

The new signs come about a month after residents and officials including Mayor Charlotte Matchen and State Representative Tommy Hardin turned in a petition to ODOT officials calling for the speed limit on Highway 70 to be reduced from 65 to 45 mph.

It's the stretch of road from the Texoma Casino to Bob's Motel.

"What we want is to increase the probability of survivability," Dennis Moore said."That's more pragmatic and that is something that can be attained."

Locals like Dennis Moore say they've wanted the speed limit lowered for years.

ODOT says they're currently conducting a speed study to determine if any changes will be made.

Moore says they won't give up until they see something more change.

A year ago, a tanker overturned after the sharp turn on the road killing truck driver Glen Smith.

Then in June, Scottie Roper was killed when he swerved off the road and rolled his tanker to avoid hitting a turning car in front of him.

Moore says he's even started a group on social media for others to share their close calls on the stretch of highway.

"Each and every near miss is a probable accident in the future," Moore said.

"We are serious about this," Matchen said. "We have got to do something about that highway out there."

ODOT says they do plan on meeting with the city to discuss the results of the speed study and if any changes will be made.

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