Newly amended left lane law goes into effect Nov.1

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Starting Wednesday, drivers in Oklahoma need to remember the left lane is for passing only.

"As they are driving, especially on the interstate, if they pay attention, every so often the state has put up signs that inform you that it is a violation to be in that left lane unless you are passing vehicles," Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Quinn said.

Quinn said he hopes the new law reduces road rage and speeds up emergency response to accidents.

"It's very common that we get stuck behind vehicles in that left lane and they don't pay attention and they fail to merge over for us so this will increase our response time," Trooper Quinn said.

It's a possible $236.50 fine, making drivers like Dylan Verner think twice.

"I wouldn't want to be paying it so I for sure won't do it," Verner said.

Quinn also said speeding to pass another vehicle up will not be excused.

"We will be strictly enforcing violators who are trying to pass vehicles and breaking that posted speed limit," Trooper Quinn said.

And drivers who spoke to us like the newly amended law.

"It's a good thing because nobody likes trying to pass somebody when you have somebody in the left lane going 65 in 70 and you're trying to get around the other guy," Jacob Chancellor said.

"I think it will save a lot of frustration and kind of ease up traffic a little bit," Verner said.

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