No tornado-related deaths in Oklahoma in 2018 according to National Weather Service

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) Prior to 2018, Oklahoma endured a deadly streak of severe weather, including devastating tornadoes in 2013 that took the lives of 28 people in Moore and El Reno.

With the state seeing an average of 56 tornadoes a year, Ardmore Resident Aaron Elliott said he has become somewhat used to them, taking cover from two strong tornadoes himself.

"Those tornadoes come around so often that it's a little bit more surprising when there's not as many in the year and then you hear there's no deaths," Elliott said. "So, that's a pretty good thing, as always."

The last time the state saw no tornado deaths was in 2006.

The Weather Forecast office in Norman said Oklahoma saw 41 tornadoes in 2018.

No tornado was classified above an EF2 and only five injuries were reported, all in late November.

Experts say many factors play into the number and strength of storms, but officials with the National Weather Service say life and death depends on the location.

"It only takes one violent storm or violent tornado in the wrong location," Meteorologist Scott Curl said. "You can do all the right things and still have loss of life."

Elliott said he believes preparation for storms also helped with the number this year.

"Most houses around here have a cellar," Elliott said "I don't think a whole lot of people get scared because we've got good sirens and I think everyone gets good forewarning."

Despite good facilities and experience, the National Weather Service does want to remind everyone to be alert.

"Any day where we've got the potential for severe weather, continue to monitor the forecast," Curl said. "Keep yourself in the know with what's going on or what's anticipated for that day. Keep up to date with the latest information."

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