Non-profit partnering with law enforcement for new safety program

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - Thursday was North Texas Giving Day, a day dedicated to empowering people to give back to non-profits in their community.

One organization used the money they raised to partner with the Grayson County Sheriff's Office to start a new safety program.

"We can work together with them to do what we can to protect our law enforcement because when we protect our law enforcement, we can keep our community a lot safer," said United Way Coordinator Olivia Lewis.

United Way of Grayson County is participating in North Texas Giving Day but is choosing to give the money to the Grayson County Sheriff's Office to help fund a new safety technology.

It's called the Safe Keeper Program.

"What it'll allow for the jail staff to do is have a mobile device that they will be able to easily input data into to ensure the safety of the inmates that are in our facility," said GCSO Capt. Sarah Bigham.

The Safe Keeper Project will eliminate the paper log system that is currently being used for a more efficient way to keep information.

"It should make the information a lot more accurate and it allows them to input the data right then instead of having to remember everything that was done or could be beneficial in the future," Bigham said.

The technology will help track inmate's mental health, record movements in and out of the facility, verify identities, and will allow for handheld audio and video recording.

Bigham said that it will help the jail staff meet inmates' needs, and keep everyone inside the jail safer.

"This program not only keeps our inmates at the detention center safe, it keeps the medical staff that works there, and the law enforcement that works there safe as well," Lewis said.

Bigham said United Way is helping the sheriff's office secure funding through the Giving Day donations, and through grants that are available for these types of projects.

She said the goal is to implement the program by spring 2020.