Now is the best time to go fishing at Lake Texoma, experts say

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII)-- After waters rose in 2015 at Lake Texoma, more fish spawned in the lake.

Years late those spawn have matured, and are the main attraction for people trying to grab a good catch.

"Best fishing I've seen in 16 years, and all due to the flooding in 2015," said Doug Keeter.

In 2015 Lake Texoma reached record elevation, rising more than five feet over the spillway.

As of Wednesday levels at the lake have started to decrease, with lake water eight feet above normal.

"This is post spawn fishing, the stripers are coming down the rivers, and they are coming in hungry...everyone is catching fish," added Bill Carey.

Doug Keeter has been a fishing guide since 2003 at Lake Texoma and says that fishing has picked up so much that new fishing guides are starting new businesses.

With the water rising after recent storms, it's helped reel in fish.

But as lake water decreases it can affect how many bites you get on your bait.

"The fishing is outstanding, when they really start pulling a lot of water out at one time it definitely getting tougher on guides," said Keeter.

Bill Carey is the owner of Striper Express, serving Lake Texoma for 36 years.

He says the most recent Gill Net Survey, a population assessment survey done by biologists, show numbers that will make you want to get your fishing pole ready.

"We have the largest population of striped bass ever, in the history of the lake, that's a lot of fish," said Carey.

"And that's what's making the fishing so good for us right now, we're catching a lot of fish over our slot limit," said Keeter.

The guides say that the best time to go fishing has always been the month of May. And they don't see that changing anytime soon.