OBI hosts annual All American Blood Drive in Ada

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - "They'll be glad for it the day they need it," Joyce Williams said.

Williams says donating blood benefits everyone.

She's donated to the Oklahoma Blood Institute 27 times.

"It helps the community, and it's the best and easiest thing I can do to help people," Williams said.

She says despite the prick in her arm, donations are painless.

Williams says knowing she's saving at least three lives with every donation keeps her coming back.

"It's worth it," She said.

The Oklahoma Blood Institute partners with KXII to host the All American Blood Drive every summer.

Ada and Ardmore blood center director Grant Eidmann says they need more donations during the summer.

"Holidays are especially trying for us because of course are out enjoying the holidays but the need for blood kind of continues all year,"Ada and Ardmore Director Grant Eidnann said.

He says they need all blood types, but he encourages people with O-Negative blood to donate because,"O-Negatives are the universal donor," Eidmann said. It's only about six to seven percent of the population."

Eidmann says the need for donations never stops.

"Certain products like platelets for example only have a five-day shelf live (they're only good for five days) so that's why you'll find most of our centers open even on certain holidays," Eidmann said.

Georgia Thomas has donated three times.

Thomas says she saw the benefits of blood donations after her boyfriend got cancer.

"I donate because I know that the benefits that it gives for other people that are in need," She said.

And for people who are nervous about donating, Thomas shares this advice...

"Just don't look when they're sticking you," She said.

The All American Blood Drive lasts through July 14.

All donors will receive 2 tickets to a Dodgers’ game, a pass for two free entries to Science Museum Oklahoma and an adventure T-shirt

"Just go you'll feel better," Williams said.