ODOT crews in Ardmore make preparations for winter storms expected mid-week

Published: Feb. 3, 2020 at 6:49 PM CST
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The winter storm expected later this week could impact drivers' commutes as soon as Wednesday with snow, sleet and even ice possible on Texoma roads.

Serenity Oakes lives in Ardmore and took her kids to Regional Park to enjoy the nice 70 degree weather Monday before the expected storm.

"Our...home schooling group decided to come out here and let all the little ones play and stuff like that while it was still nice out, get some fresh air," Oakes said.

She said her kids are excited about the snow potential.

"We're originally from north Idaho so my kids like snow and stuff and we're used to it," Oakes said. "We're kind of excited about the concept of snow. I haven't seen any since we've been down here so that's one of those where I'll believe it when I see it."

Across town, ODOT crews were hard at work pre-treating bridges and overpasses on I-35 with a salt and water mix to keep ice from sticking.

ODOT Superintendent Lewis Eades said they are also preparing a sand and salt mixture to spread on the road once the storm hits to melt the ice and snow and provide traction.

"We really haven't been out but two times all winter and that's really slow for us," Eades said. "We're normally out six, eight, 10 times. Once we start getting accumulation, then we’ll go out and put the sand and salt mixture down. If that doesn’t work, then we have equipment we use to actually move the snow.”

Eades said the biggest problem with drivers is people driving too fast for the road conditions.

"We try to keep the traffic moving but at the same time, we need people to slow down," Eades said.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol said, once the weather hits, drivers need to slow down, increase distance between other cars and to stay where you are if there is no need to drive.

"If it's not absolutely necessary, just stay off the roadway," Trooper Colton Robertson said. "If you do have to get on the roadway, always be aware of the road conditions, how slick they are, how wet they are, how much ice or snow may be on the roadway."

ODOT also said drivers do not need to slam on their brakes if they see a slick spot but rather easy off the gas pedal.

ODOT suggests drivers check the air level in their tires and fuel up in case they get stuck in a traffic jam.

If you have not already, download the free KXII Weather Authority app to get the latest weather updates from across Texoma.

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