OHP responds to several accidents due to winter weather

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Snow came down in parts of Southern Oklahoma Thursday evening leaving the roads wet.

Actual ice on the road, however, was more of a concern for officials Wednesday night.

"It can get a little overwhelming at times but we get the job done," Colton Robertson said.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Colton Robertson says Wednesday night his Troop - which covers Murray, Garvin, Marshall, Pontotoc, Johnston and Love county - worked nearly a dozen accidents just from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

3 of those crashes were in Pontotoc county, 5 were in Carter and Love counties.

"The 8 mile marker bridge, that bridge is pretty prone to accidents especially when it starts getting colder," Robertson says. "The bridge ices before the roadway does so that's a definitely a spot you want to watch out for. (I) believe they had four accidents there just last night only."

So far during the winter weather event, OHP has worked 3 fatal crashes.

One was in Murray County around 1 this morning on I-35 north at the 47 mile marker, 4 miles south of Davis.

Officials say a car with four people inside hit an ice patch on the highway then the cable barrier, swerved back onto the road where it was hit by a semi.

Two people in the car were killed.

Everyone involved was from the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

While the threat for ice on the road ways has been low for much of Thursday afternoon, Robertson says drivers still need to slow down.

"Those speed limit signs, those are only for when it's dry on normal days so that doesn't really apply," Robertson said. "You could be going 60 miles an hour and it's not a safe speed especially on a wet road."

An example of that seen on dash cam video where a trooper almost gets hit by a car while he's working a traffic accident on an icy bridge of I-44 in the Tulsa area.

That driver was ticketed.

Robertson says when there's a chance for winter weather it's best to stay home but if you have to get out on the road to be aware of your speed and surroundings.

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