OHP uses lasers on the ground, aircraft to catch speeders in Bryan Co.

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) - On Sunday, a woman was heading north on US-69 to Tulsa and was clocked going 101 miles per hour and driving under the influence.

"We track the exact vehicle we're looking at," said OHP Troop E Lt. Scott Hampton.

From 2,000 feet in the air, OHP Troop O spotted the woman in one of their aircraft. A trooper on the ground then used a handheld Lidar laser device to clock her going 101 in a 70 miles per hour zone.

Troopers say it's system is the most accurate on the market.

"It is being shot at that particular vehicle. So there's no chance of misidentification or getting the speed of something beside it because it is a very focused beam shot directly at that vehicle," Hampton said.

Jennifer Green lives one block off of US-69 and was pleased to learn that OHP is watching on the ground and from above.

"There would be a good use of it to keep drunk drivers off the streets and keep our kids safe when it comes down to it," said Green.

And speeders who think a cable barrier means a trooper on the other side can't come get them should think again.

OHP's eye in the sky will send your car's information to the next available patrolman.

"We are employing different tactics to be able to bring those speeds down into a range that increases the survivability of accidents," Hampton said.

Troopers were able to stop 40 cars Sunday due to the Lidar technology used on the ground to clock speeders.

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