OK Governor candidate Kevin Stitt holds town hall meeting

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) Candidate for Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt is on the campaign trail and stopped by Ardmore to hold a town hall meeting.

Stitt told Carter County voters about his background and his plans for the Sooner State on Saturday morning.

Carter County commissioner Jerry Alvord was at the meeting and said studying the candidates is important as an elected official.

"I came to Mr. Stitt to see what he stood for," Alvord said. "From the county level, we have concerns. The state government mandates a lot of what we have to live by so it is a concern to me."

Alvord said counties are responsible for more than 50 percent of maintenance for their roads and bridges, which has suffered the last four years due to low funding.

Alvord wanted to know Stitt's take on improving infrastructure at the state level.

"I was satisfied in the sense that he is aware and he is concerned," Alvord said. "He does realize the importance of infrastructure and transportation."

Stitt said he has visited every county in Oklahoma to speak with voters.

He said he sees potential in Ardmore to grow as a hub for southern Oklahoma.

"There's no reason Ardmore's not exploding with growth," Stitt said. "If you look at what happens in Texas, as governor, I want to be here to make sure Ardmore continues to grow and flourish."

Alvord said he hopes all the people planning to vote in the governor race will learn about the candidates before heading to the polls.

"And really examine who we're voting for," Alvord said. "That's a right we have that I think we should cherish."

Stitt will be back in Ardmore Oct. 17 for a campaign fundraiser.

Democratic candidate Drew Edmondson will be in Oklahoma City for a rally on Sunday.

Libertarian candidate Chris Powell will be in Norman at Norman Groovefest on Sunday as well.

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