OK State Superintendent visits Murray County

SULPHUR, Okla. (KXII) - "We really actually have a very deep problem and that is only half of our students are walking off of that graduation stage and moving into career tech or university or college," Joy Hofmeister said.

Oklahoma's State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister says their program called I-CAP, which is in the pilot phase now, was created to help solve that problem.

"Next year those who are entering freshmen will have as a requirement to graduate, that by the time they graduate they have an I-CAP, an Individual Career Academic Plan," Hofmeister said.

It's a plan that's customized to each student based on what career path they'd like to follow and connects them with resources like internships to help them move forward.

She says one of their goals is to make Oklahoma a top 10 state with the highest high school graduation rates by 2025.

According to state data, Oklahoma's four-year graduation rate was 83% in 2017 - one percent higher than in 2016.

She says I-CAP is partially being funded by an over 2 million dollar grant from JP Chase Morgan.

"I am going into education so it would help me if I'd be able to go into an internship with a teacher I know, so I can watch them and see if that's what I really what I wanted to do," Sulphur H.S. senior Brady Pyle said.

Hofmeister also mentioned one of her priorities this legislative session is to increase the number of teachers in the state.

'Teachers leave Oklahoma classrooms for lack of support, oversize classrooms and that has to change as well - so our focus is going to be also dollars into the classroom so that we can lower class size," Hofmeister said.

Last week, Gov. Stitt unveiled his plan for an 8.2 billion dollar budget part of which he says, will go toward more teacher raises.

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