OKC Thunder unveils refurbished basketball court in Ardmore

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - It was a hot afternoon as kids, city leaders and residents in Ardmore attended the Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the opening of the newest OKC Thunder court.

"It's a beautiful day, a beautiful court," Vice President of Community Relations for the Thunder Christine Berney said. "We're hoping this brings a lot to Thunder fun and health and fitness to this park and as well as the city."

Berney says with the help of Enable Mainstream Partners they were able to bring the court to Ardmore.

"We've built courts across the state and this is one area that we haven't been to so it was really the perfect match," Berney said.

Berney says it took about a month to refurbish the court at Fraley park, resurfacing it and Thundering it up all with funds raised and donated by the Thunder Cares Foundation.

Berney says it's the 19th Thunder dedicated Court in Oklahoma.

A couple of kids from Ardmore City Schools had the chance to be the first ones to break the court in.

"It's more nicer than most of the other ones and it's cool that everyone will get to play on it now," middle school basketball player Jadyn Goddard said.

The kids who play for the 8th grade basketball team worked with coaches from the Thunder's summer youth program - running some drills and showing off their skills on the new court.

"It means a lot because this is the basketball court I mainly play on. I usually come here every weekend," middle school basketball player Naughtica Douglas said.

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