Officials locate suspect who made "threatening" phone call to Oklahoma School for the Deaf

SULPHUR, Okla. (KXII) - The School for the Deaf claims a caller threatened "grave danger" to anyone associated with a school employee unless that person was fired in 48 hours last week.

Sulphur police chief David Shores and investigative troopers from the Department of Public Safety were able to trace the number that left that threatening message to a man in Los Angeles, California.

Shores says the FBI was able to find the man.

"We got to protect the public, protect the kids so yes anytime you have a threat you have to take it seriously," Shores said.

Shores says the man confessed to making the phone call to FBI agents but said he did not intend to actually hurt anyone.

His name is not being released at this time.

Shores says a recording of the message will not be released while the incident is under investigation.

"You know by saying 'bad bad things' are happening to me that's a threat so we had to investigate it," Shores said. "You start with the phone number and trace it back."

Shores says the man told officials he called the School for the Deaf after he saw negative posts on social media about a transgender student attending Achilles Independent Schools.

Some of posts allegedly came from the spouse of an employee at the school.

Larry Landtroop lives near the school and is glad police at least now know who made the call.

"We have this freedom of speech which is enshrined by the first amendment but with freedom also comes responsibility and those responsibilities need to be enacted," Landtroop said.

Shores says they are waiting for a recording of the suspect's confession and his phone records before they send the case to District Attorney.

He says the man will not be arrested unless charges are filed.

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