Oil and gas emergency response training

ARDMORE, OKLA. -- XTO Energy and Ardmore area emergency responders conducted and emergency drill scenario involving an airplane that lands short of the runway and crashes into an XTO well site, but don't worry, it's just a drill.

"This particular drill we were able to coordinate it with the city of Ardmore to test to see how their command system works with our command system," says XTO Energy senior production superintendent Guy Haykus.

Haykus says they conduct these safety drills multiple times a year, each a different scenario.

"On this particular one, we had a plane that struck three tanks. So we have oil and water in the tanks. We have containment of fluid on location… which we work real hard to contain that to location," says Haykus.

The Ardmore Fire Department says on these calls the safety of people is priority one.

"Second thing is incident stabilization and our third concern is property conservation," says AFD Spokesperson Jason Woydziak.

Woydziak says their focus can quickly shift to environmental hazards.

"If any fluids were not contained by the burn, then we would be working with E.O.C and our other partners to stop the spill from running into water ways," says Woydziak.

In emergency situations like this, first responders say practice makes perfect.

"The more you work with players involved, God forbid something happen, things seem to run more seamlessly when you know each player involved," says Woydziak.

"We're gonna get some good learning points out of it, there are some things we could do a lot better but there's also a lot of things we've done right," says Haykus.

Both Ardmore area emergency responders and XTO Energy say today's drill scenario was a success.

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