Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb Squad investigates grenade found in Colbert

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BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb squad used remote devices to safely check it out, but they tell News 12 this kind of grenade is found quite often throughout the state.

On Wednesday, 36 year-old Joshua Reardon was arrested on a slew of traffic charges and drug possession after leading authorities on a high speed chase through Grayson and Fannin Counties.

Hours later, Bryan County deputies raided this home off River Road in Colbert. They tell us Reardon visited here and discovered an explosive device inside.

"We called the bomb squad out they were able to come out with the evidence we found the other day in the Colbert area that might be an explosive device," says Bryan County Sheriff Johnny Christian.

Bryan County deputies found a hand grenade like something the military would use.

"It was a military WWII style grenade," says Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb Squad Trooper Justin Pope. "It did have a fuse on the top of it and it was sealed so we weren't able to tell if it was live or contained explosives."

Commonly known as the Pineapple grenade, a device used often in World War II. According to online documents, an active pineapple grenade can have a blast radius of 15 to 30 yards. Tuesday morning, investigators wanted to find out if the grenade found in Colbert was deadly.

"Today we used remote procedures and we verified as well as we can without putting our hands on the explosive that it's not a live device," says Trooper Pope.

Although this grenade was not live, authorities say they're found often in old war keepsakes and become more unstable the older the grenade gets. In fact just last month one was found in Denison by a man who inherited a house.

"Especially once it's old and deteriorated we want it to be safely removed so we want people to call us and for us to take a look at it," says Trooper Pope.

"Rest assured this was not an explosive device near Colbert," says Sheriff Christian.

As for the homeowners who had the grenade, they have not been arrested. Sheriff Christian says an investigation is still ongoing.

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