New Oklahoma school report cards to be released

Source: MGN
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OKLAHOMA CITY (KXII) - Oklahoma education officials say a new A-F grading system for public schools could be implemented Thursday, providing approval from the State Board of Education.

The school report cards are required under federal law, but for the past couple of years Oklahoma Superintendent Joy Hofmeister has been leading an effort to make Oklahoma's report cards more nuanced and less one-dimensional.

She says the new report cards reward schools that are showing academic growth, even if they have yet to hit proficiency.

The new report cards were developed with input from stakeholders across the state, and are expected to give parents, principals and policy makers access to data that Hofmeister believes will ultimately lift the entire system.

The State Board of Education still has to approve it. There's a meeting scheduled for Thursday morning. If approved, the report cards will be available online.