Oklahoma lawmakers pushing for State Question 801 on Nov. ballot

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - "The main goal is to let school boards all across the state decide what's most important for them," Greg McCorty said.

District 13 State Senator Greg McCortney says State Question 801 would allow school districts to be more flexible with revenue they receive from property taxes.

"Right now the schools are very limited on the way they can use that money," McCortney said. They can use it on facilities and some other things like that, but they can't use it for paying teachers and some of the things we're really desperate to try to get money to."

"I think they should be able to spend that funding the way they feel fit," Parent Ruby Wilson said. They know what's best for their schools and their teachers and their students, and what they need."

McCortney says although State Question 801 won't increase taxes, it will give schools more flexibility.

"There have been dollars that the schools wanted to use, maybe for teacher pay (or maybe more teachers) that they couldn't use that way," McCortney said.

Ada resident Ruby Wilson, says it's an investment in the future.

"The children are our futures and who better to know that than the teachers and the superintendents and all of them that work for the schools," She said.

Oklahoma Education Association President Alicia Priest released a statement in opposition of state question 801 saying quote:
"Schools don't have enough funding, and State Question 801 doesn't do anything to fix that .... by putting this measure on the ballot, Governor Fallin is asking schools to start choosing between paying their teachers, and repairing broken buildings..."

Governor Fallin has until August 27 to sign off, for the bill to make the November ballot.