Oklahoma state parks facing new entrance fee this spring

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LAKE MURRAY STATE PARK, Okla. (KXII) - Upcoming entrance fee charges are expected to start this spring to some state parks in Oklahoma.

Campers like John Watson will eventually have to pay up to $10 to get into Lake Murray State Park, but he said it’s worth it.

"You take a family to a movie for two hours of entertainment and it's $60 dollars, and that's without popcorn. You come down here and it's $10 bucks for your whole family,” said Watson of Denton, Texas.

According to the Oklahoma Tourism Department, visitors will be charged per vehicle if they want to enter some state parks in Oklahoma.

"It has to be the relevance to how it will apply to us,” said Neil Nusz of Fort Worth.

Long term campers like Nusz visits Lake Murray 3 times a year.

He worries the new fee might be a deal breaker for long term campers losing the chance to drive around and seeing the park first before making a camping reservation.

"Maybe we we'll come by here again someday, let's take a look at the park and see if it's something we would want to stay or not. If we had to pay a fee to go look at it, we won't be coming back,” said Nusz.

The tourism department said the new stream of money coming in will go directly back into the state parks.

"It will just be another revenue stream and I don't deem that the price of entering the park and enjoy the day here will be something that will stop people coming in and enjoying,” said Watson