Oklahoma's Civil Support Team hosts training in Wilson

WILSON, Okla. (KXII) - "Whether it be a chemical, a biological incident or even a nuclear incident that involves radioactive material, we are specialized to respond to that," Survey Team Chief Willard Casey said.

The National Guard's 63rd Civil Support Team is in Wilson for the next three days training their response tactics using mock exercises.

They are stationed in Oklahoma to respond to any hazmat or weapons of mass destruction threats in the state.

"There's no real physical threat when we come and do these training exercises," Casey said. "We pretend a lot of the stuff, a lot of the stuff down there is just water but we label it something else," Casey said.

Casey works with the group of 8 that put on hazmat suits and deal with the potentially hazardous material.

"The samples they take is what can be used to prosecute the suspect in court so if we don't do our job right and we cross contaminate anything or mess up a sample, then that's going to mess up the court prosecution," Casey said.

Casey joined the National Guard at 19 years old and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011, working as a 13F, calling in artillery strikes.

Casey came back and joined the CST.

He's been apart of it for 5 years.

"You're a full time solider, you are on call 24 - 7," Casey said. "We do training's like this every month. I'm away from my wife and kids a week or two or more every month but it's mainly to better us so we can serve our community better."

Casey says it's a team effort to serve the community, working alongside 21 other men like LT. Jack Palmer who is the science officer.

"We're faced with a lot of unique challenges," LT. Palmer said. "I get the opportunity to train on things that I never thought I'd be exposed to and it keeps things interesting."

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