Old Fashioned Tishomingo Celebration means more than Independence

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The Tishomingo old fashioned July 4th Festival is nothing less than a celebration.

It started with a parade Saturday morning. Then, there is a break until the fireworks in the evening.

For Resident Michael Anderson, the weekend means more than just a celebration of independence though.
For him, it's about family.

"It's a great reason to enjoy your family, and our freedoms. Any time I get to spend time with my family, to do that, I take that chance." Anderson said.

The festival has happened every year for as long as city councilor Don Keel can remember. He moved here in 1957, but had been attending the festival for years before.

"I think it's good for the community. I think it does, I think, uh, a lot of people enjoy it. It's something where we celebrate our patriotism." Keel said.

The fireworks didn't start until it got dark. But the gates of the high school stadium opened at 6 for a water slide, games for children and a cookout by firefighters.

Even though Anderson has only lived in Tishomingo for three years,
the fireworks show has become a lasting memory for his family.

"Just seeing me daughter enjoy, you see. Because she likes fireworks, and I like fireworks. So it's nice family time." Anderson said.

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