One arrested for reckless shooting in Ardmore neighborhood

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - "That's the worst part, is not knowing if you are going to be safe or not," Autumn McCarthy said.

Autumn McCarthy says she was home Friday night when she heard the first round of gunshots go off, leaving her in panic.

"At first I thought something bad happened, someone caught someone robbing their house and so they shot them but then 30 minutes later when I heard more and more shots it's like whats really going on?" McCarthy said.

Police say they were called to Cottonwood street for shots being fired but officers found nothing and left - only to be called again a short time later.

"I'm assuming the shooter was listening to the scanner just like we were because as soon as the scanner goes silent, he'd wait about 15 to 20 minutes and then shoot off another two gunshots," McCarthy said.

Captain Ingle says they searched the neighborhood for four hours before realizing the suspect was a man they had already spoken to, 46-year-old John Kirk.

In his front and back yard, they found shell casings and a scanner in his home.

"We actually talked to the suspect earlier who gave us bogus information about where the noise was coming from, you know trying to get us away from his front step," Captain Ingle said.

Police tell us Kirk said he wanted to bring attention to a possible drug trafficking situation going on.

"He kept pointing to a residence talking about a possible drug house in the area and he was just upset about that," Ingle said.

"People were calling me, asking me if I was okay," McCarthy said. "It was really scary."

Kirk was booked in on several charges including reckless use of a firearm and operating a police scanner in commission of a crime.

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