One arrested, one injured after Pontotoc Co. officer-involved shooting

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ALLEN, Okla. (KXII) - The Pontotoc County Sheriff's Departmentand Allen Police said it was at the Conoco gas station in Allen where police and U.S. Marshals tracked down Adam Quilimaco on Thursday. Quilimaco had escaped from a work detail in Logan County on Wednesday but not before his girlfriend pulled a gun trying to shoot.

"I mean, things don't happen like that here," Erin, the gas station manager, said.

Police said Quilimaco and Melissa Grayson had tried to buy gas with a possibly stolen credit card around 6:30 Thursday morning, which put law enforcement on their trail.

Darrel Armstong, Allen police chief, said he met Marshals at the gas station to look at surveillance video. However, the owner of the store was not available to access the surveillance.

Instead, authorities showed pictures of Quilimaco and Grayson to employees and employees identified Grayson, who had been coming in and out of the station several times asking for money.

"That's not normal, especially one coming in not knowing anyone and wanting to charge stuff and asking us as workers for money," Erin said. "You don't do that in Allen unless you know them. It was really odd to me."

Authorities eventually found the pair parked on the back side of the station in a Jeep Grand Cherokee and tried to talk to Grayson, before she ran back to the jeep.

"She managed to get into the driver's side of the vehicle," Armstrong said. "When we tried to wrestle her out of the vehicle, she brandished a revolver pistol."

Officers told Grayson to put the gun down but she did not comply.

That is when a US Marshal shot her several times.

A helicopter flew her to an Oklahoma City hospital but no word on her condition.

Officers arrested Quilimaco and took him to Pontotoc County jail.

Employees said they are thankful no customers or officers were injured.

"Especially if there was a gun involved, it could have gone south very quickly so I'm very thankful for the quick reactions of our officers," Erin said.