Thefts at Pottsboro cemetery under investigation

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) - It's happening in broad daylight -- mementos and tokens of affection, poached from the graves of loved ones.

The Georgetown cemetery thief is the focus of a weeks long investigation by the sheriff's office.

Captain Sarah Bigham says their next step in the case involves more than just their investigators.

"So we're just asking the public that if you have relatives that are buried there, or may have left some items out at the cemetery, to go and check and see if your items are still there or if they may be missing. And if they are missing, to contact our investigator," says Capt. Bigham.

Ernestine Waggoner says after items from her husband's grave went missing, she set up a game camera facing the property in hopes of catching the thief. It wasn't long before they did, and sent their footage to investigators.

With physical evidence of the theft, they hope something will be done to protect their property.

"Well they need to do something with her! You know? I mean at least go and talk with her or tell her not to come in there or ban her from the cemetery if nothing else," says Waggoner.

Families with missing items are encouraged to reach out to Investigator Shane Rodriguez at 903-813-4200, ext. 2553.