Organization provides support and legal counseling to undocumented families

SHERMAN, TX. (KXII)-- Justice For Our Neighbors spent time with undocumented families in Sherman Thursday.

"One of their biggest fears is having to leave this country unexpectedly, and leaving their children here abandoned".

Noemi Ramirez is an associate pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Sherman.

The church hosted the group "Justice For Our Neighbors" on Thursday afternoon, and invited undocumented families to come learn about what rights they have if they are ever detained by ICE.

Their advice? Remain silent.

Lynn Macnillen is a volunteer who was helping out families during the workshop, she said, "they came here largely to better their position in life to feed their children to care for their children better".

Allison Maher is one of many attorneys who provided free legal counseling to about a dozen families who showed up.

"There are a lot of organizations and attorneys out there who are concerned for them and fighting for their rights and doing everything possible to keep them in this country".

Attorneys advised parents how to fill out legal forms for who would take of their children if they are ever deported.

"These are hardworking people and its a shame that they're being punished because they work so hard".

Families and individuals who attended the workshop preferred not to talk on camera for fear of being recognized.

Maria Cruz, another volunteer in attendance said, "well we're in God's hands before anything else and we're not alone, there's lots of people that are provided help here for them".