More than 1,000 acres burned across SE Oklahoma

LOVE COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- "The whole field was black," Tom Foster said.

Tom and his wife, Amy Foster, were driving home on McGehee Road. Friday when they saw several fire trucks in the street next to their home.

"Our main concern was that first it wasn't here at the house but then immediately if our neighbors were okay," Amy Foster said.

Authorities say it was a grass fire that required nine departments to put it out.

"It was pretty scary, pretty smoky out there," Tom Foster said.

Authorities say it started when the owners thought the pile of debris they had set on fire burned out, but winds caused it to spark back up, burning 120 acres of land.

"If the wind had been a little different, we might have been looking at a whole different situation or if they had not gone out there we might have been looking at loss of our place," Tom Foster said.

And Love County is not the only area in Oklahoma to be hit with large fires.

The Oklahoma Forestry Services released a survey stating that more than 1,100 acres have been burned in the South East part of Oklahoma.

"It makes you realize how fast something can get away - something like a small trash burn, it's immense what happened," Amy Foster said.

That's why Love County fire officials want you to be cautious with outdoor burning since there is a lot of dead vegetation all over the county.

They also say to mow your land and maintain fire breaks during this dry weather season.

"We're grateful that no one got hurt, no animals, I mean everybody was very lucky," Amy Foster said.

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