Women overcome addictions, live together at sober living house

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII)-- "I lived a miserable life, I lived on the streets, I was homeless, I lived on the parks for a while, I've been in abuse relationships because I didn't think I was worth anything more than that you know."

Exactly one month ago, on January 21st, the first ever Oxford House for women opened its doors on Stewart Lane in Sherman.

From the outside the six bedroom house looks like a typical home, but the women inside say it's a refuge from the alcohol and drug abuse, homelessness, even prostitution some of them had fallen into.

Kari McFarland, a former addict, helps to support and guide residents living in the Oxford House.

"I have seven, going on eight years sobriety, what that meant to me I was in and out of prison, I was in and out of the streets," said McFarland.

One resident, Jessica Huff said, "You don't view yourself very well, your self esteem has gone down you've lost everything, why should you care, and Oxford House puts that caring back into you."

Oxford House is a sober living home, were people battling addictions live together, hoping to change their lives.

There is no staff on site, the house is self supporting. Every resident is required to have a job and they combine their income to pay rent and utilities.

The first house was opened in 1975 in Maryland, now there are over 2,600 houses across the nation.

Another resident, DeShawn Hitchcock said, "We all have jobs, we go to work, we go to meetings,we go have fun, we're gonna go do Painting with a Twist with a group of us from the house."

These women say they're no longer who they were in the past.

Jessica Huff was once homeless and has been living in Oxford House for one week and just recently got a new job.

"I start Monday, and I'm super excited about it," said Huff.

"Keep standing back up and reach out for help, there's people out here that can help," added Hitchcock.