PRMC's Points of Progress hitting strides

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The cold weather is stirring up some brisk temperatures inside the walls of Paris Regional Medical Center.

"I'm sorry to say, certain days you can go to some of the rooms on third floor and fourth floor and the patients in the bed will have blankets all over them. Because they're cold. Because we can't regulate the temperature well enough."

But how does PRMC afford to replace a 53-year-old H-Vac system?

"We are not a not-for-profit entity, so we don't have a foundation asking for people to contribute. We finance it really based on the performance of the hospital."

PRMC CEO Steve Hyde says performance is not a problem here.

"Our leadership says yeah, the hospital is doing well. We believe in Paris, Texas. We believe Paris is a good place to not only refurbish and to update the facility, but also to grow the facility."

So Hyde says they decided to spend nearly 4 million dollars... to make sure patients and staff don't have to worry about the temperature any longer.

Workers are now busy installing a state-of-the-art, room by room air temperature control system.

"This H-VAC will get absolutely to the meaningful level of making it a comfortable environment because the last thing you want to worry about when you come to the hospital is are you too cold, are you too hot."

But the hospital won't stop there.

"We're really kind of making some long-term major investments. So not just the renovation that we're doing in 2018, but also planning for and hoping for doing some meaningful facility expansion as well."

On the slate for 20-18? Expansion of the lab, talks to expand the ER and renovate the women's center and hopefully a level three trauma certification.

"We want to be a place that the community is proud of coming, that they feel, 'yeah that's my hospital and they do a good job there.' That's what we want to hear and that's what we're striving for."

PRMC is keeping the cold air out and the improvements coming.