Parents and students tour new Tioga High School

Tioga, TX (KXII)-- The new 25 million dollar Tioga high school is set to open Wednesday.
Thursday night the school was open for the public to see firsthand.

Superintendent Charles Holloway said, "its been about a 5 year plan and it came together rather quickly, they built the thing in 10 months".

This new campus sets itself apart from others.

Here students have the chance to graduate with an associate degree.

The superintendent explained, "This is a little different high school because its a college readiness high school. With Grayson County, we have a lot of college classes here, our kids can graduate with an associate's degree if they want to".

Students received a brand new gym. library, and a lot more space in classrooms and hallways.

Tioga High student Kinsey Evans said, "I think they're definitely approved a lot over the stuff that needed improved on the old school, the gym was small they made it big, plenty of room".

An increase in enrollment and a growing population was a reason for the new school.

New furniture for classrooms still needed to be put into classrooms.
All to provide the best experience and education for students.

"We're gonna enjoy it for a while and we're gonna be rolling up in enrollment, things of that nature", said Superintendent Holloway.

A mother of a student was ecstatic, she said, "I just can't say enough about Tioga ISD they are just so professional and they really have the kids best interest at heart."