Parents question Atoka High School after some band students hospitalized

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Atoka, OK (KXII)-- The temperature on Thursday was over 90 degrees.

That didn't stop Atoka High School's band from practicing for hours out in the sun.

But what began as a normal day of band camp quickly unraveled.

Trinity Blevins said, "one girl started having an asthma attack so she had to go sit down and then other people started dropping down and like saying they couldn't breathe or that their legs were collapsing".

A few hours later parents say 6 students were taken to a clinic, 3 others were hospitalized.

They tell us the students suffered from dehydration and one girl had a heat stroke.

Trinity Blevins says she had to tell her parents about what was going on, something parents feel the school or band director should have done.

Her mom was shocked, she said, "these are 15, 16 year old children that deserve better treatment".

Tersia Fisher is the mother of Jada, the girl who had a heat stroke.

She explained, "I got called by Trinity which no one from the school called me, after all this was going on and we was taking kids by ambulance to the hospital I still haven't received a phone call checking in on my child".

Parents say two students were released from the hospital on Thursday but had to return the next day after symptoms returned.

Students say water breaks by the band director consisted of what he called "Gush and Go's", only lasting a few seconds.

Atoka Superintendent Jay McAdams explained that the school district made contact with parents who requested it.

And that while the band director followed protocol by offering breaks, it's up to the students to drink water when they have the chance.

McAdams says the schedule for band camp this year is the same as it has been in the past and no problems have ever arisen.

He says the school board members also know what happened this week, and may make changes if they fit for future years.

We made calls to band director Samuel Karafotis but he didn't respond.