Parents still looking for answers after kids left behind on field trip

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WHITEWRIGHT, Tex. (KXII) -- Tamara Rice addressed school board members on Tuesday night, saying what happened back on November 1st is a safety issue.

"I just felt like something should have been done,” Rice said during the meeting. “Talked about. It's just like everything is swept under the rug."

Rice said Principal Steve Marrow and another school employee took students to Sherman Town Center for lunch during school hours, a reward for winning a school competition.

But some of the kids were left behind, an action she calls unacceptable.

Jyrea Johnson, 17, claims she was one of the students left behind.

Johnson said earlier this month, she thought Marrow left the group behind because they were late getting back to the bus.

A student we spoke with after Tuesday night's meeting said he was on the same field trip, and that they were told what time the bus would leave before they got there.

Marrow declined to speak with News12 on camera, but did release us this statement:

"I made a mistake to leave any students behind regardless of the situation. The incident has been addressed with me by my Superintendent, and I would prefer to put the incident behind me and move forward."

Rice said she attended the Whitewright School Board meeting on Tuesday to see if Marrow will be disciplined.

She told us she is now considering legal action.

Superintendent Steve Arthur told Rice he would speak with her about this issue privately, and added that he did not want to talk to News 12.

No word on what if any action will be taken against Marrow.