Parents watching kids closely after alleged shots fired near home

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PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - "They hid behind the ditch," Mother Rachel Beckworth said.

Beckworth says her 11-year-old daughter and her friend are terrified, after they say someone in a black truck fired what they described as a long black gun at them while the two were horseback riding Saturday morning.

"It was hanging out the window facing straight towards them," Father Michael Beckworth said.

Their daughter rushed to tell them what happened.

"[They said he] pulled up in the driveway and watched the girls for a little bit," Rachel Beckwoth said, "then I guess they backed out got on the side of the road here and starting shooting at them."

Beckworth says they ran to safety unharmed, but shaken.

"My daughter is afraid, because her bedroom is facing the road so she's afraid to sleep in her own bed, or go outside even," Mother Jenifer Higdon said.

But, Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian says there's no evidence of a shooting.

"They were unable to find any shell casings in the area where the shots were supposed to be fired from," Christian said.

Christian says the area is known for poachers, he says it's unclear if the shots were directed at the girls.

"If they weren't shooting towards the kids, and they were just out shooting they need to pay attention to their surroundings," Higdon said, "because they're children everywhere."

"It was still kind of uncalled for, you're shooting by a residence," Rachel Beckworth said, "we have all the land in the world (everybody does) to go out and shoot at squirrel, whatever you wanna shoot at, don't bring it towards a child."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pontotoc County Sheriff's office.