Parents wish more had been done after fights at Sherman High School

Nina Quatrino The Sherman superintendent released a video statement after several fights broke out on the high school campus Tuesday. Some district parents are still not pleased.

Videos circulated on social media depicting chaos with students throwing chairs, biting teachers and violently attacking each other.

Administrators confirm students in the building were put on a hold, meaning they could not go in or our of classrooms until the violence subsided.

Some parents wish more had been done.

"So I just don't know why they can notify us of a ball game or notify us of a service day, but can't press a number into the telephone and have all the parents called. I just don't get it," said Glenda Gibson, a parent of s student at the school.

In the district's statement, Superintendent of Schools David Hicks said students who promoted violence by posting videos of the fights to social media should expect consequences.

Hicks made a point in an earlier interview to specify four of the eight students disciplined were new to the district this year.