Paris Fire Dept. featured in CBS lipsync contest show

PARIS, Tex. (KXII) The Paris Fire Department was featured in an hour-long special on CBS called, 'Lip Sync to the Rescue. Monday night'

Firefighters on duty watched the special in-between calls.

Ranking in at number four, the Paris fire department made the list of qualifiers with 30 other first responders across the nation.

The lipsync video was released in July of 2018, and has since gone viral with over 1.4 million views and growing.

Cadd Oats, one of the fire fighters featured in the lip sync video, said what started as just a fun idea, turned into so much more.

"Normally when we see people, somebody's having a bad day," Oats said. "We wanted to have fun and show our personalities, and really show the community that we're just like everybody else."

While they didn't win the grand prize, firefighter Adam Bolton said since going viral the station has had fans from all over the community and across the nation reach out.

"We've sent off signed fire helmets. We've had kids send in their fan videos. It's been really cool to interact with the fans," Bolton said.