Paris ISD: Accountability ratings misleading

Accountability ratings are in for Paris ISD but some district officials say a new rating system has lead to misleading results.

The new grading system rates schools A-F based on how its students perform on the annual STAAR exam.

Paris ISD was graded with an average C rating, but Althea Dixon with the Paris School District says it's not reflective of the school district's work throughout the year.

"You know, you're not graded on one day," Dixon said. "It might be a bad day. I might come in here tomorrow and have a bad day, but those other 364 days of the year, I've done an awesome job, so I hate for our students to be evaluated on one day."

Dixon says these ratings are unfair and can be damaging for school districts.

She says she and other educators plan to contact legislators and lobby against the rating system in hopes of changing it to better reflect schools' educational achievements, instead of a single test.