Peeping Tom arrested, hid photographic equipment in church bathroom

DURANT, Okla. (KXII)-- According to court documents, Filberto Morales Hernandez was booked into the Bryan County Jail on Monday.

He is accused of filming people inside a church bathroom without their knowledge. It states that the equipment was found inside the Primera Iglesia Bautista church bathroom on Alabama Street and 12th Avenue.

Rose Brooks lives nearby and says she is stunned someone could do this inside of a church.

"If they get into the bathroom with some equipment like that, where's the preacher, where's the administrators."

In a statement a church spokesperson would only say that they preferred not to comment and added that they are cooperating with police during the investigation.

Police could not comment about the investigation on Wednesday.

When we asked the church spokesperson whether Filberto Hernandez attended the church, volunteered or worked there we got no response.

Jerry Parrish also lives near the church, he said, "Makes me feel real mad man, that just isn't right at all inside a church, you're supposed to be safe inside a church."

"And then you got some pervert watching you on the camera, well what are they gonna do, put you on the internet, put on whatever," said Brooks.

Hernandez is now facing a Peeping Tom charge, a felony, and if convicted faces up to five years in jail.