City says Denison's Waterloo Pool nearing end of life

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII)- "I like to go off the diving board," said Justley Hillger, a five-year-old who is a frequent visitor to the Waterloo Pool in Denison.

Justley is not the only one excited to swim, as the pool welcomes over a thousand people every week in the summer.

Justley's grandmother Debbie Williams comes to the Waterloo Pool for exercise and to be social, and is interested in seeing improvements in the pool, like a new diving board for her grand daughter.

"Any renovations to this pool would be great. I enjoy coming here as well as my grandkids come here. Or a new facility, either one," said Williams.

Officials from the Waterloo Pool say the cost to maintain the pool now is $300,000 a year, and will look to fix current problems such as a roof leak, plumbing, and their heating system.

Aquatics program coordinator Dori Smith says she is excited about the possibility of a new building, which would cost the city millions of dollars.

"We're pretty excited about it. We've been hoping someone would jump on board with our wishes. The pool was built in the early 60's and it needs some love and help," said Smith.

The city council has not decided how it would be paid for if they were to build a new pool.

"If someone wants to come forward and put their name on a building I'm totally good with that. We need a facility in the area. Even if we do a regional deal with Sherman and Denison and the community," said Smith.

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