Pepper spray used in Pottsboro standoff

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) - This street was covered with law enforcement early Monday night.

Grayson County deputies were called to this home after someone called 911 for an assault between two people.

"When the deputy arrived, the two people ran into the house," said Grayson County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lt. John Holloway.

Deputies said they tried to talk to the two people, Jessica Little and Johnnie Dewitt, but they refused to communicate and come out for hours. So the Sherman Police Special Response Team alongside Grayson County Sheriff's Office used a different tactic.

"The teams had to shoot pepper spray into the house and then they were able to peacefully gather the two individuals," Lt. Holloway said.

Dewitt was arrested for assault causing bodily injury and resisting arrest among other charges. Little was booked in for an outstanding felony warrant for debit/credit card abuse. Both of them have been behind bars before: Little for pleading guilty to theft and Dewitt pleading guilty to assault.

"Our special response teams train for situations like this but when you're going into it you never know what to expect," Lt. Holloway said. "And they did a fantastic job in their response and handling the situation to resolve it peacefully."

Neighbors said it was a scary situation and first responders said if a similar situation like like happens again, to steer clear from the area and to stay inside.

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