Pet attacked by stray dog

Published: Jan. 7, 2020 at 10:24 PM CST
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Billy Plake and his wife Donna have lived at their home in the Georgetown Meadows neighborhood in Van Alstyne for nearly 15 years. Two children, and four grand-kids later, the retired couple shares their home with Tucker, their miniature schnauzer.

"We've seen many developers go through the area," said Plake.

Plake said he believes all the recent growth has brought a lot of stray animals to the area. It's never been a direct threat to his family's safety before, until yesterday, on an afternoon walk.

"Some kids were hollering about a dog being lose, and it was running towards us!" Plake said.

Monday afternoon, Tucker was attacked by a large brown and white dog, with no collar, leash or owner.

Tucker was rushed to the animal hospital.. where he was treated for neck injuries.

Because the city does not have an animal control service, the stray dog was picked up and held by Van Alstyne police. It was then taken to the Sherman shelter, because no one came to claim it.

"Terrible, horrifying experience - I just thought I was going to lose my dog," Donna Plake said.

Donna Plake said they've paid over $1600 for Tucker's medical expenses, and anticipate more when they bring him back for check ups. It's a large expense they weren't expecting.