Pickup basketball game against Denison Police caught on camera

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- An unexpected player crashed a neighborhood kids game of pickup basketball last weekend in Denison. The athletes told News 12 why the game started and what it means to the community.

Corey and Brandon Roberts shoot hoops almost every day.

They were playing with a group of friends on their street when an unexpected guest showed up.

"He was like: can I play with y'all? So we gave him a ball and we started playing," said 12 year-old Corey Roberts.

A neighbor's cell phone camera captured a Denison police officer joining in.

"I was just patrolling, doing regular patrol and observed a few kids playing with a hoop," said Denison Police Officer Kristijan Jakovac. "One of them actually waived at me, it was a quiet night."

Jakovac said the group played for about 20 minutes.

"It was three on one, it was me, Corey and our stepbrother versus him," said Brandon Roberts. "And if we won, he had to do 50 push ups and we won. What was the score? 6-2 something like that? Yeah, 6-2."

"My basketball skills are on point, but that was proven wrong," said Jakovac. "So I had to do 50 push ups because that's the deal we had."

Jakovac lost the game, but made some new basketball buddies.

"That's the main reason why I became a police officer," said Jakovac. "For the community service and to let people know I'm there for them. Try to mold the youth of the future so having that positive views of the officers. So at least start at a young age and show them it's not all that bad."

And as for a future rematch.

News 12: If he came back to play, would y'all play?

"Yes ma'am, " said the Roberts boys.

The ball is in the officer's court.

"I have to prepare myself," said Jakovac. "I have another officer here, Officer Rickets, he's six foot six, might bring him just to dominate the court a little more."

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