Pit and puppies rescued from vacant home

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - "She wanted to be out here," Rod Goodhue said. "She was ready to be saved."

Rod Goodhue is the founder of Pit Bull Rescues Oklahoma.

He says he and his wife have rescued thousands of dogs since 1999.

"If there is a dog that is need or in despair, we go - we will drive three or fours one way to go save dogs," Goodhue said.

And their latest rescue happened right here in Ardmore.

After spending about six months roaming the streets, a pit bull nick named Pitty and her six puppies were rescued from under this home on Friday.

"We had to crawl in once to go find her and then to retrieve the mama dog and then had to bring her out," Goodhue said. "Then go back in and retrieve all the puppies."

Goodhue says the pups are about four days old and are all healthy.

He says Pitty has a hip injury that she may have gotten from being hit by a car.

She is expected to be okay.

"It's very fulfilling," Goodhue said. "this is what we do, we live for this."

Goodhue attributes Pitty's healthy condition to locals who have been feeding her.

He says they are the ones who helped track Pitty down to the house so she could be rescued.

Now Pitty and her pups are staying Goodhue's rescue ranch, resting and being treated for so that they can be put up for adoption.

"We work hard at what we do," Goodhue said.

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