Poison suspected in Cartwright dog deaths

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CARTWRIGHT, Okla. (KXII) -- Davis Acres resident Frank Luckie said two of his dogs died on Saturday, the same day neighbors also had three dogs die.

It signified a disturbing trend taking shape in the neighborhood.

"About two or three weeks ago there was a neighbor across the road,” Luckie said. “He had two basset hounds. Poisoned, both of them. He’s got three kids that just loved those dogs to death. Of course they watched them dogs die, too.”

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office suspects poisoning as well. They're waiting on toxicology reports on the dead dogs as well as a bag of food scraps left on the side of the road.

People we talked to said they took a couple of animals to a local veterinarian, who confirmed it was poison that killed them.

"Took one of them to Freda's and she said yeah,” Luckie said. “It's strychnine. Poisoning them dogs isn't an easy way for them to go.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, strychnine is a white, odorless, bitter crystalline powder that is used primarily as a pesticide, particularly to kill rats.

"It's horrible,” resident Julius Horvath said. “Their muscles are all contracted. And that's how they die. They actually can't breathe and that's how it suffocates them. One of the sweetest dogs you'll ever know in your life. And to see her that way was terrible."

Luckie said all of his canine companions are dogs that have been dumped down the road in years past.

He tells us he gets them spayed, neutered and fed with money from his own pocket.

"He's been taking care of them,” Horvath said. “You know the guy's retired. Thousands of dollars on people's dogs that they throw away like trash. The worst these dogs have ever done is chase somebody's car like I said. They're friendly. They're friendly to everybody.”

“It’s just cruel and we’d like to see the people caught,” Luckie said.

Luckie said he will be keeping his dogs in at night until then.

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