Police: Players fight over Pokemon Go in downtown Sherman

Published: Jul. 27, 2016 at 6:36 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas -- Police say one man was arrested after a game of Pokémon Go turned violent early Monday morning.

Sherman police say two men playing the game got into a fist fight near the courthouse because one man didn't agree with the other man's choice for a team.

Mark Dugat is the owner of Magic Pro Shop in Denison, he wasn't involved in the fight but was nice enough to show us how Pokémon Go works.

"I have been excited about the game since it was announced and as soon as it came out, a lot of people were on the streets playing it," Dugat said.

Police the fight is still under investigation but one of the men involved, John Rodriguez, was arrested at the scene for being drunk in public.

No one was seriously hurt in the fight.

Geri Smith owns Fantasy Quest in Sherman and plays the game but admits it can be dangerous.

"People will start walking across the highway and be on their phone trying to catch a Pokémon and almost get hit by a car," Smith said.

Both Dugat and Smith say overall Pokémon Go is a good thing because it brings people together.

Police say if you are going to play the game, stay alert and stay in groups.