Police detail what was inside the Achille home busted for drugs

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ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII)- Achille councilman Lynn Chambers is the second elected official in Achille that has been arrested on drug related charges in the last month, and a man from the area believes justice needs to be upheld for all citizens.

"You break the law, you need to pay for it," said Massey.

Achille police say over 200 grams of meth, two pounds of marijuana, and several guns were found inside councilman Chambers' home on Tuesday night. The five people arrested are facing charges of meth trafficking and possession of weapons.

Achille police say the five people arrested could also face child endangerment charges, as police found children inside the home during the drug bust.

This latest scandal comes just over a month after Achille Mayor David Northcutt was arrested for burglary and possession of meth.

Larry Massey lives close to Achille, he says he is tired of seeing elected officials get arrested.

"Throw the book at 'em, make an example of 'em. I don't care who it is or what their lot in life is," said Massey.

This is not the first time Chambers has been under investigation. When he was the mayor of Achille in 2010. he was arrested on embezzlement but was found not guilty.

Massey suggests background checks on candidates for office in Achille should be required.

"We need to maintain the standards to promote a better future for our kids because a lot of kids live here," said Massey.

Police say Lynn Chambers has bonded out of the Bryan County jail, and this is still an ongoing investigation.