Warrant executed at Catholic Diocese of Dallas reveals allegations against Texoma priest

Published: May. 15, 2019 at 2:51 PM CDT
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The Dallas Police Department executed a search warrant Wednesday at the Catholic Diocese of Dallas looking into allegations of sexual abuse against five priests, including Father Jeremy Myers of Sherman.

The warrant was executed at the diocese headquarters, a storage building and the offices of St. Cecelia in Dallas.

One of the five priests named in the warrant is 62-year-old Jeremy Myers, who was assigned to St. Mary's Parish in Sherman and St. Francis of Assisi in Whitesboro for 25 years.

The search warrant stated all five priests been charged with sexual assault of a child.

The warrant alleged sexual abuse by Myers in 1986 when he was a dean at Subiaco Catholic School in Arkansas. It also mentions correspondence of a second victim coming forward to the Catholic Diocese.

The warrant says investigators spoke with the alleged victim from Subiaco, who said Myers was the dean of his dorm his freshman year. The victim stated Myers seemed to like him, and allowed him to hang out in his room.

A witness told investigators he had seen the victim wearing only a towel while sitting on Myers' lap in the dormitory.

The warrant says a witness reported inappropriate behavior to the headmaster at the time, Abbot Leonard Wangler. Wangler told investigators he notified Myers to investigate the complaint.

Wangler stated Myers told him he had talked to the alleged victim, and that the victim had been lying about any sexual contact.

The former student says the abuse continued after Myers moved to Dallas. He stated that he began living with Myers for several months after being kicked out of Subiaco.

The victim said Myers enrolled him in school and rented a duplex for him to live in. He alleged Myers would perform oral sex on him.

News 12

the Diocese sent to St. Mary's about the allegation.

The letter from Bishop Edward Burns was sent to St. Mary's back in September.

It says, "I need to inform you that I recently received information from the Diocese of Little Rock in Arkansas of an allegation from 30 years ago concerning your pastor, Father Jeremy Myers."

It goes on to say, "In order to assure the utmost of caution, I have asked Father Myers to step aside from priestly ministry until we have an opportunity to verify the credibility of this allegation."

An email sent from Bishop Burns in October said Myers was on an administrative leave during the investigation.

In January the Catholic Diocese of Dallas released a

All five priests included in the warrant were named in the list.

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