Police impersonator attempts to pull over 21-year-old woman

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Miranda Bruttell says that it was on Houston Street near Highway 75 where a man impersonating a police officer attempted to pull her over.

"There were two of them, I was alone and it was really late, there was nobody on that road, and you know it's just kind of the 'what ifs' running through my head," Bruttell said.

21-year-old Miranda Bruttell says she was headed home on East Lamar Street Monday night.

She was behind a gray Chevy Malibu driving well below the speed limit.

Bruttell says she was following closely and the car got over in the turn lane, which she thought was to let her pass.

"I remember seeing paper tags and when I passed them they had their windows down and their arms hanging out of the window," Bruttell said.

That's when she saw red and blue flashing lights in her rear view mirror.

She pulled over thinking it was an undercover cop, but the car sped past her.

Bruttell knew something wasn't right and called police.

"The police officer told me to stay calm and keep following him and so I did," Bruttell said.

She says she followed him for miles until police caught up with them.

Police got behind the car and pulled him over in the Walmart parking lot on Highway 82.

The driver, 27-year-old Cory Allen Tutaj, was arrested for impersonating a public servant and possession of marijuana.

"I saw him from kind of far away, I was parked off behind the police officers but I'm glad I didn't get any closer," Bruttell said.

Deputies say that Bruttell did the right thing by calling 911, and now she knows what to do.

"I would say to put your hazards and drive to, no matter how far away it is, drive to a well-lit place with people," Bruttell said.

Sherman police encourage people to call them with any suspicion in these situations.